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When reporting your fault please provide as much information as possible.

    Your details

    What is the fault?

    Which communal door has a fault?

    Which communal gate has a fault?

    What is the fault with the Communal Grounds?

    What is the issue with the exterior of the building?

    If you smell gas you must call the national supply service on 0800 111 999. After calling the national supply please continue to report your issue so Anstey is made aware of it.

    Where can you smell gas?

    Is it external or internal lighting?

    What type of pest/vermin is it?

    If you have a water leak if possible please try to turn off the water supply to minimise damage, if the source is known.

    Do you know where the leak is coming from? (e.g. From Flat 13 directly above)

    Is the water running or trickling?

    Is the water clear?

    Additional details

    Add photos

    Please if possible add some photos of the fault, location of the fault or any other detail to help us build a clearer understanding.

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