Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources & Updates

Tuesday the 24th of March marked the first day of a new 3-week period which will impact all of our lives considerably. We want to assure you that whilst we are following the governments advice, we have the welfare of our staff, our clients and our service contractors at the forefront of our minds with every decision taken. This letter outlines our position on the current advice set out by the government as of the 24th of March and if this advice changes what our position will be on the Coronavirus.

Following the government’s latest Coronavirus advice, our office team are working remotely from home and our offices in Southampton were closed on the 24th of March. If you need to contact us please do so by emailing or calling us on 02380 730111. We will respond as promptly as we can in the current circumstances.

Service Contractors
In line with the government’s latest Coronavirus advice, building maintenance/service workers are permitted to continue attending developments – while practising social distancing guidance set out by Public Health England. Therefore, all contractors attending developments will and have adhered to these guidelines set out by Public Health England, working two metres apart and in teams no larger than two individuals. Furthermore, all contractors that carry work out at any development are symptom free and are instructed not to communicate with any residents or members of the public unless absolute necessary and unless cleaning to not enter any internal communal areas to protect residents who may be self-isolating or need to use these areas for certain purposes.

With regards to whether what our contractors carry out is ‘essential’ works every resident is going to have a difference of opinion. On one hand, some residents may still want work to be carried out whilst following Public Health England guidelines as stated above. However, understandably some residents may not want any works to be carried out at this time. We are put in a difficult position and have to take a pragmatic approach as a business and if works can be carried out in a safe manner not endangering any residents or members of the public whilst also complying with guidelines set out by the government and Public Health England, development attendance will continue unless and/or until the Government’s advice changes.

As large numbers of people are at home, the requirement for building safety, cleaning and maintenance is even greater than normal. Ceasing all works completely including that which can be completed in a safe manner complying with all the government’s and Public Health England current guidance would be an irresponsible move by any agent with a duty of care to their residents as where possible we want to ensure each development remains a safe place to live.

Please note this is our current position based on the government and Public Health England guidance from the 24th of March. If the government and Public Health England change their guidance we will continue to act accordingly and keep you updated on our position. We are grateful to our contractors who continue to serve the developments and community during these challenging times. We ask that you show your appreciation, while remaining conscious of the social distancing requirements.

Many thanks for your cooperation during these challenging times.

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