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General queries in relation to your block/development

Queries such as how to pay Anstey, discuss account arrears or issue a secure payment link if you wish to pay by debit/credit card.

Queries such as if you are selling your property, requesting a standard sales pack/LPE1 pack and any queries in relation to consents/alterations and additions to your property.

New Business

New Business Enquiries

Our experts are on hand to help and are ready to deal with any new business enquiries. If you would like to speak with someone in the new business enquiries team please call 02380 730111.

    Our Offices

    Our Offices

    Please note: Anstey does not operate an open door policy and therefore does not deal with client walk-ins. All visits to our offices must be approved by a Director via a pre-booked appointment.

    Southampton Office
    11 Kings Park Road, Southampton SO15 2AT

    Sending Letters

    Where to Send Letters

    Don’t have an email or need to send a letter to Anstey? Please send all letters to our Southampton office listed below:

    Anstey Property Management

    11 Kings Park Road,
    SO15 2AT

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